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Easy Style Tips to Try in November

This month, we’re dreaming of ways to wear our favorite fuzzy sweaters, leather skirts, and lace cocktail dresses. It's hard to hate on a month that involves copious feasting (Thanksgiving) and endless opportunities for layering, so although many of us might still be nursing Halloween hangovers, we are ready to dive right into November. Before the air turns frigid and we all go into semi-hibernation mode in the company of Netflix, Seamless, and perhaps a new Tinder boo.

Put away your flip flops for the season. It not only looks inappropriate but wearing flip flops in cooler weather is uncomfortable as well. If you want something to slip on your feet to get out the door in a hurry, invest in a pair of great flats or ankle boots you can quickly put on to get out the door.

Layer Your Outfits Invest in layering pieces. Pieces like short and quarter-length sleeve tops, light to mid-weight sweaters, scarves, and jackets allow you to adjust to any temperature fluctuations the season brings.

Know the Hottest Colors for the Cool Weather

If you’re wondering what colors will be really big this coming fall, wonder no more. Shades of light blue, spicy yellow, pink and bright purple are some of the hues that are set to warm and brighten up your fall look. Beige, white, and black look like a hot combination this fall, with brighter colors making outfits pop as the leaves change color. You can combine these colors with classic fall colors like red, olive green, and plaid patterns to create a stylish old-meets-new look.

Fall is the time to blend classic and new styles, dark colors and bright accents to create layered looks that will turn heads as you enjoy the cooler weather in style. This fall is all about contrasts and unusual combinations, and it’s your time to be bold, stylish and experimental. Here’s to a season full of great new looks!


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